Meet Copilot, smart tech for your bike.

An AI-powered bike light and camera designed to keep you safer on your ride.

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How does it work?

Copilot constantly watches the road behind you and by leveraging artificial intelligence, can understand when a vehicle safely negotiates past a cyclist or identify an aggressive or distracted driver approaching dangerously. To understand what's happening behind them, the cyclist receives audible alerts from Copilot as a vehicle is approaching or overtaking and users can also pair their smartphone with Copilot to receive visual alerts. Light pattern and color changes for drivers help draw attention to the cyclist to help prevent crashes before they can occur.

Seattle is a city stuck in a "if you build it they will come" trap with respect to bike lanes. I believe technology like CoPilot can help break the cycle, making more cyclists feel safer and willing to give up cars, so that the City has to build infrastructure to accommodate them.

Jake S


I'm a new mom looking to keep myself as safe as possible when out on my bike. Our first big purchase when we found out we were pregnant was a bike seat for the baby, I can't wait to take her with us, but I'm already calculating what streets I would feel safe riding on with her. I'm hoping that improved street design along with technological advancements like Copilot will make the streets safer for everyone.

Rebecca O


I ride on very dangerous roads around Pittsburgh. Seeing all the visualizations in front of me is a huge plus. It's nice not having to turn my head all the time. Also, I think the camera feature is extremely important, and something that would ease my anxiety when I have close calls.



Ask most any person who bikes for transportation and they'll likely say a similar thing when it comes to their gear: I wish I didn't need any of it, but it keeps me safe. Copilot is another tool that could give us some solace until our cities catch up and do their part in the work to keep us safe on the streets.

Morgan S


In November 2022, I was hit by a vehicle on my bike commute home. I was in a marked bike lane, and the driver didn’t think to check for oncoming bike traffic. My crash didn’t stop me from commuting and the video and prediction that Copilot provides will make my commute safer and provide documentation if I’m hit again.

Mary G


As a long time cyclist, staying safe in traffic has always been a critical, primary concern. I firmly believe technology like Copilot will become the bedrock for future safety standards concerning vehicle-cyclist scenarios.

Len K


We’re giving cyclists an intelligent companion so you can pedal in confidence, knowing Copilot has your back.

Video recording

Collect valuable data and capture video recording of every ride you take.

Audible warnings

Don’t ride blind. Get audible warnings when a driver is approaching dangerously from behind.

Visual warnings

Light pattern changes alert drivers to a cyclist on the road. Pair your smartphone with Copilot for visual warnings.

Predictive risk estimation

Track driver behavior to help you ride smarter and prevent crashes.

More than a bike light

With Copilot, you’ll have the world’s smartest cycling companion. Go for that city ride, commute to work, explore the countryside, and do it all with peace of mind knowing Copilot has your back.

Video Recordings

Traffic Reactive Light Patterns

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Garmin Varia


Custom Alerts for Cars, Trucks, and Cyclists

Risk-Based Alerts